Rev'd. Fr. Dr. Emmanuel O. K. Oddoye
Name: Rev'd. Fr. Dr. Emmanuel O. K. Oddoye
Qualification: Bsc. (Hons) Ghana, 1984 (Animal Science); MPhil. UK, 1988 (Animal Nutrition); PhD. Ghana, 2001 (Animal Science); M. A. Ghana, 2010 (Study of Religions).
Position: Deputy Executive Director.

Research Interests: Employing inter-disciplinary and participatory approaches to develop, through on-station and on-farm trials, appropriate cost effective and sustainable agronomic technologies for the establishment and maintainance of cocoa, coffee, sheanut and cashew farms.
Selected Publications:
  • Oddoye, E. O. K., Takrama, J. F. Anchirina, V. and Agyente-Badu, K. (2009). Effects on performance of growing pigs fed diets containing different levels of dried cashew pulp. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 41: 1577 - 1581.
  • Alemawor, F., Oddoye, E. O. K., Dzogbefia, V. P., Oldham, J. P. and Donkoh, A. (2010). Broiler performance on finisher diets containing different levels of either Pleurotus ostreatus - fermented dried cocoa pod husk or dried cocoa pod husk supplemented with enzymes. Tropical Anima Health and Production, 42: 933-939
  • Oddoye, E. O. K., Amaning-Kwarteng, K., Awotwi, E. K. and Fleischer, J. E. (2005). In sacco degradability of grass hay and rumen characteristics in sheep fed ures ammoniated rice straw or untreated supplemented rice straw. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa, 53(2), 113-123.
  • Oddoye, E. O. K., Fleischer, J. E., Amaning-Kwarteng, K. and Awotwi, E. K (2002). On-farm introduction of some dry season feeding strategies to cattle farmers on the Accra Plains of Ghana and the response of cattle to these strategies. 2. On-farm studies on the use of urea-ammoniated rice straw as a dry season feed supplement for cattle. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 35: 79-86.
  • Oddoye, E. O. K., Okantah, S. A., Obese, F. Y. and Gyawu,P. (1999). Growth performance, body condition score and milk yield of Sanga cattle in smallholder peri-urban dairy herds in the Accra Plains of Ghana. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa, 21: 143-148.