The Division is the focus for soil related research activities at the Institute. The Division has been entrusted with the responsibility to conduct the basic and strategic research related to soil fertility and plant nutrition of the CRIG mandated crops (i.e. cocoa, coffee, cashew, kola and shea).

The Division is engaged in investigating the nutrient dynamism in soils for the production of CRIG mandated crops through laboratory and field techniques. Evaluating the comparative efficiency of various fertilizer materials for their effective use in the field.

The main objective of this Division is to carry out research aimed at developing appropriate technologies for sustainable production of CRIG mandated crops through soil fertility maintenance and improvement at levels that are economically viable, ecologically sound and culturally acceptable using efficient management resources.

  • Carry out land suitability studies for the establishment of cocoa and other CRIG mandated crops.
  • Carry out studies into soil fertility and plant nutritional problems of CRIG mandated crops and to develop suitable packages for enhancing their productivity.
  • Screen new fertilizer formulations submitted by chemical companies to determine their agronomic efficacy and suitability to be used on cocoa.
  • Recommend the application of appropriate fertilizers to enrich soil that is depleted of nutrients.
  • Provide technical advice to the National Fertilizer Programme on cocoa in Ghana.
  • Provide soil testing services to farmers and other landowners who want to know what nutrients are deficient in their soil.
  • Organize training programmes for Extension Assistants, farmers and other stakeholders in the Extension Services.
  • Introduction of the cocoa 'Hitech' programme
  • Developed potash fertilizer from cocoa pod husk ash
  • Has recommended the following fertilizers for use on cocoa:
    - Granular fertilizers
    • Asaase Wura
    • Asaase Wura plus Zinc
    • Cocofeed
    • Cocoa Master
    • Nitrabor

    - Foliar fertilizers
    • Sidalco NPK 6:0:20, Sidalco NPK 10:10:10 and Sidalco NPK 20:2:4
    • Crop Max

The Division has a laboratory which is equipped with modern instrumental facilities. The laboratory has the capacity to carry out analysis of soil, water, fertilizer and plant materials for all nutrients. These analytical services are available to external organisations and researchers.