This Unit was established in 1990 as the Farming Systems Research Unit (FSRU). In 1993 the name was changed to Social Science and Statistics Unit (SSSU) to reflect its role in providing social science perspectives to research and development. It liaises with all the research divisions to improve the relevance of research to all small-scale cocoa producers in Ghana. It co-ordinates off-station trials of component and packaged technologies and identifies constraints (social and economic) to the adoption of technologies.

Core mandate:

To provide social, economic & statistical perspectives into the institutes' multi-disciplinary research activities:

  • SSSU works closely with all the multi-disciplinary research thrusts at CRIG
  • Ensures that the right experimental designs are adhered to during laboratory, small and large scale trials
  • Ensures that research findings & technologies developed at CRIG are:
    • Socio-environmentally friendly
    • Socially acceptable & feasible
    • Economically viable
  • SSSU conducts socio-economic survey, diagnostic, adoption & impact studies of CRIG recommended technologies
  • Contributes to on-farm trials to make research findings relevant to farmers
  • Helps in technology development and transfer to cocoa & other farmers
  • Helps in the development, distribution, monitoring and evaluation of the Ghana Cocoa Farmers' Newspaper published by CRIG
  • Collaborates with other subsidiaries of COCOBOD as resource persons in skill training and capacity building programmes and technical committee meeting
  • Undertakes farmer outreach and extension programmes to sensitize & create awareness of CRIG technologies, child labour issues & other farmer-centered activities