• development of improved planting materials
  • appropriate plant production packages
  • plant protection packages
  • processing and by-product development
Research areas
  • Cashew germplasm collection, conservation, evaluation, characterization and utilization.
  • Cashew clonal evaluation trial
  • Genotype X Environment Interaction for yield in cashew genotypes
  • Identification of best cashew parents through their combining abilities.
  • The effect of gamma-irradiation of sheanut seeds and cuttings on growth
  • Investigations into pest control potentials of entomopathogens associated with the major insect pests of cashew (Anacadiumoccidentalis L.) in Ghana
  • Aetiology and control of leaf blight disease(s) of cashew in Ghana
E. Gyedu-Akoto Food Scientist (Leader)
M. Assuah Mycologist
S.T. Lowor Biochemist
A.Y. Akrofi Mycologist
R. Adu Achampong Entomology
E.A. Dwomoh Entomologist
Abu Dadzie Breeder
P. Adu Gyamfi Breeder
J. Yeboah Propagation Specialist
M. Barnor Ag Head, Bole