Mr. Julius Yeboah
Name: Mr. Julius Yeboah
Position: Agronomy Division - Senior Research Assistant
Qualification: Bsc. (Chemistry) Ghana; MPhil (Horticulture) Ghana.

Research Interests:
  • Vegetation Propagation of Shea
Selected Publications:
  • Yeboah, J.; joint author (2007). Vegetative anatomy, carbohydrate levels and nodal position of cuttings on stock plant on rooting in cacao stem cuttings, by F. M. Amoah, V. Johnson and J. Yeboah, In: Proceedings, 15th International Cocoa Research Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2006. pp. 749-758.
  • Yeboah, J,, Amoah F. M. and Opoku-Ameyaw K. (2002). Studies into vegetative propagation on the sheanut (Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn.) tree. Journal of the Ghana Science Association. 4(2), 138-145.145.
  • Yeboah, J., Lowor S. T. and Amoah, F. M. (2009). Some physiological, environmental and technical factors influencing the vegetative propagation of the Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa Gaernt). International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems, 3(3): 170-177.
  • Yeboah, J., Akrofi, A. Y. and Owusu Ansah, F (2010). Influence of selected fungicides and hormone treatment on the rooting success of Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa, Gaernt) stem cuttings. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America. http// Online: 2151-7525.
  • Yeboah, J., Lowor, S. T., Amoah, F. M. and Owusu-Ansah, F. (2011) Propagating structures and some factors that affect the rooting performance of Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn) stem cuttings. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America. 2 (2): 258-269.