Mr. Frank Owusu-Ansah
Name: Mr. Frank Owusu-Ansah
Position: SSSU-Research Scientist
Qualification: B.Sc (Mathematics), M.Sc (Mathematics), Kumasi
Awards: .

Research Interests:
  • Design of Experiments, analysis of genotype by environment interaction, modelling of competition and fertility effects in breeding trials, Generalised Linear Mixed Modelling. Research Activities: Advise on design and analysis of experiments and surveys. Studies on jointly modelling of competition and fertility effects in breeding trials
Membership of Association:
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Selected Publications:
  • Owusu-Ansah F., FazilBakshM., Allan E. F. and LockwoodG. (2012). A novel approach for modelling competition and fertility effects in cocoa breeding trials. (In Press)
  • Owusu-Ansah F., Curnow, R. N., Adu-Ampomah, Y. (2010). Optimal planning of cocoa clonal selection programmes. (In Press)
  • Lockwood, G., Owusu-Ansah, F., and Adu- Ampomah, Y (2007). Heritability of single plant yield and incidence of black pod disease in cocoa. Experimental Agriculture 43:455-462
  • Oppong, F. K., Opoku- Ameyaw, K., and Owusu-Ansah, F. Investigations into the critical period of weed competition in young Theobroma Cacao. 15th ICRC Proceedings, vol. 1, pp.281-290.