Mr. Ishmael Amoako-Attah
Name: Mr. Ishmael Amoako-Attah
Position: Plant Pathology Division-Research Scientist
Qualification: B.Sc. (Agriculture), M.Sc. (Plant Pathology) Kumasi.

Research Interests:
  • Plant diseases identification and epidemiological studies.
  • Molecular characterization of Phytophthora isolates
  • Developing appropriate disease management strategies.
  • Understanding host-parasitic plants relationships
  • Management of mycotoxins contamination of stored products
Membership of Association:
  • Ghana Association of Horticulturists, Ghana Science Association, Norman Borlaugh Fellow
Selected Publications:
  • Amoako-Attah I, Awuah RT and Jolly CM (2011). Efficacy of clove (Syzygium aromaticum (l.) Merr and perry) powder as a Protectant of groundnut kernels in storage. African J. Food, Agric, Nut. Dev. 11(6): 5413- 5430.
  • Amoako-Attah I and Ahiatsi EN (2010). Causal agent of premature fruit rots of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Hoult.) and its mycelia growth inhibition with some fungicides. Ghana J. Hort. 8:71-77.
  • Amoako-Attah I, Awuah RT, Kpodo KA, Jolly CM and Fialor SC (2007). Cost effectiveness of selected post harvest pod handling against damage, mouldiness and aflatoxin contamination of shelled groundnut in Ghana. J. Sci. Tech. 27(1): 17-27.
  • Awuah RT, Kwoseh C, Korangteng SL, Amoako Attah I and Okpala CO (2006). Appearance of Fusarium basal rots of onion in the Kwahu-South District of Ghana. In: Book of Abstracts. 7th AGM of Ghana Institute of Horticulturalist, Fumesua Ghana.