Dr. George A. Ameyaw
Name: Dr. George A. Ameyaw
Position: Plant Pathology Division-Snr. Research Scientist
Qualification: B.Sc. (KNUST, Ghana), M.Sc. (University of Reading, UK), PhD (University of Reading, UK)
Awards: Commonwealth Scholarship Award for MSc. Study (2005-2006), CRUK - Award for PhD study(2007-2010).) Borlaug Fellowship (University of Arizona, USA), April-July, 2015

Research Interests:
  • Epidemiological and molecular research on cocoa swollen shoot virus disease (CSSVD) and its control.
  • Scientific strategies and interventions for managing CSSVD and other viral diseases
  • Exploitation on existing epidemiological, biological, biochemical and molecular knowledge of CSSVD
  • Exploration of other new ideas in virology
  • Mild strain cross protection technology for CSSV
  • Characterization of CSSV isolates
Accomplishment (Donor Funds brokered):
  • Commonwealth Scholarship, September 2005-Decembers 2006 for Msc. Students, Borlaug Fellow
Membership of Association:
  • Ghana Science Association (GSA), Ghana Institute of Horticultursists (GhIH), American Society for Virology (ASV)
Selected Publications:
  • Ameyaw, G.A., Dzahini-Obiatey H.K., O. Domfeh, L.A. Ollenu, G. Owusu, (2016). Appraisal of cocoa swollen shoot virus mild isolates for cross protection of cocoa against severe strains in Ghana. Plant Disease, 100:1-6 (
  • Ameyaw, G.A., Dzahini-Obiatey H.K., O. Domfeh, F.K. Oppong, K.Abaka-Ewusie (2015). History and data analyses of ‘cutting out’ method for cocoa swollen shoot virus disease (CSSVD) control in Ghana. Journal of Plant Disease and Protection, 122 (5/6), 200–206, 2015, ISSN 1861-3829
  • Atta Ofori, Francis Kwame Padi, George Akumfi Ameyaw, Abu Mustapha Dadzie and Samuel Lowor (2015). Genetic variation among cocoa (Theobroma cacao L) families for resistance to cocoa swollen shoot virus disease in relation to total phenolic content. Plant Breeding, 134, 477–484
  • Ameyaw, G.A., Dzahini-Obiatey H.K, O. Domfeh (2014) Perspectives on cocoa swollen shoot virus disease (CSSVD) management in Ghana. Crop Protection, 65: 64-70.
  • Ameyaw, G.A., Wetten A., Dzahini-Obiatey H.K, Allainguillaume J., O. Domfeh (2013) Investigations on Cacao swollen shoot virus (CSSV) pollen transmission through cross pollination. Plant Pathology, 62: 421-427.
  • Ameyaw, G. A. (2013), Dzahini-Obiatey, H., Johnson, V, Domfeh, O., A manual on laboratory transmission, inoculation and indexing for Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease (CSSVD). Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana. Technical Bulletin no. 25, Tafo -Akim, Ghana, CRIG. 28p
  • G.A. Ameyaw, A.C. Wetten, J. Allainguillaume, (2011). Exploring CSSV (Cacao swollen shoots virus) seed transmission using molecular diagnostic methods. Proceedings of the 16th International Cocoa Research Conference, Indonesia, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bali, 16th-21st November, 2009 (ISBN 978-065-959-5), pp 697- 705
  • O. Domfeh., H. Dzahini-Obiatey, G.A. Ameyaw, K. Abaka-Ewusie, G. Opoku (2011). Cocoa swollen shoot disease situation in Ghana: A review of current trends. African Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol. 6 (22), pp 5033-5039.
  • Dzahini-Obiatey, H., Ameyaw, G.A. and Ollennu, L.A. (2006). Control of Cacao swollen shoots virus (CSSV) disease by eradicating infected trees in Ghana: A survey of treated and replanted areas. Crop Protection, 25: pp 647-652
  • Dzahini-Obiatey H., R. T. V. Fox, B. Adomako, P. C. Aculey, Ameyaw, G.A., O. Domfeh (2012) Profiling CSSV - resistance of some cocoa varieties in Ghana. Acta Horticulturae, 1007: 691-698.
  • O. Domfeh, G. A. Ameyaw, H. K. Dzahini-Obiatey, L. A. A. Ollenu, K. Osei-Bonsu. K. Acheampong, F. Aneani and F. Owusu-Ansah (2016). Use of Immune Crops as Barrier in the Management of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus Disease (CSSVD) - Long Term Assessment. Plant Disease 1889 - 1893