Dr. Henry Kwame Dzahini-Obiatey
Name: Dr. Henry Kwame Dzahini-Obiatey
Position: Head, Plant Pathology, Prin. Research Scientist
Qualification: PhD, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom, M.Sc. University of East Anglia/John Innes Institute, Norwich, United Kingdom.

Research Interests:
  • Development and use of microscopic techniques to discern pathogenicity related changes in CSSV infected cocoa tissues.
  • Development of qPCR assay for measuring CSSV content in CSSV infected plant.
  • Development and use of epidemiological model for combating CSSV and other crop diseases in Ghana.
Selected Publications:
  • H. Dzahini-Obiatey, R. T. V. Fox, B. Adomako, P. C. Acuey, G. A. Ameyaw and O. Domfeh (2012). Profiling CSSV-resistance of some cocoa varieties in Ghana. Acta Horticulturae 1007, 691-698.
  • H. Dzahini-Obiatey and R. T. V. Fox (2011). Initial post infection interactions between cacao swollen shoot virus (CSSV) and the cocoa seedling. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science 44, 3-11
  • H. Dzahini-Obiatey (2011). A quantitative PCR assay for measuring viral load in CSSV infected cocoa. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science (In press)
  • H. Dzahini-Obiatey, Owusu Domfeh and F. M. Amoah (2010). Over seventy years of a viral disease of cocoa in Ghana: From researchers' perspective. African Journal of Agricultural Research 5, 476-485
  • H. Dzahini-Obiatey, G. Akumfi Ameyaw and L. A. Ollennu (2006). Control of cocoa swollen shoot disease by eradication of infected trees in Ghana: a survey of treated and replanted. Crop Protection, 25, 647-652.