Dr. Abraham Akpertey
Name: Dr. Abraham Akpertey
Position: Plant Breeding Division-Research Scientist
Qualification: PhD (Crop Sciences)-University of Illinois, USA; MS (Crop Sciences)-University of Illinois, USA; Bsc. (Agriculture)-University of Ghana
Awards: .

Research Interests:
  • Development of cocoa, coffee and kola varieties with improved yields and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses using field breeding techniques coupled with molecular marker techniques.
Membership of Association:
  • 1. Ghana Science Association American Society of Agronomy 2. Crop Science Society of America 3. Soil Science Society of America 4. Gamma Sigma Delta (The Honour Society of Agriculture)
Selected Publications:
  • Dadzie, A.M., Akpertey, A., Yeboah, J., Opoku, S.Y., Ofori, A., Lowor, S., Ackyeampong, R., Adu-Yeboah, P., Asamoah, M. and Amoah, F.M. (2014). Genotypic Effect of Rootstock and Scion on Grafting Success and Growth of Kola (Cola nitida) Seedlings. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 5:3873–3879.
  • Akpertey A., M. Belaffif, G.L. Graef, M.A.R. Mian, J.G. Shannon, P.B. Cregan, M.E. Hudson, B.W. Diers and R.L. Nelson. (2014). Effects of Selective Genetic Introgression from Wild Soybean to Soybean. Crop Science. 54:2683–2695. doi:10.2135/cropsci2014.03.0189
  • Dadzie, A., Adu-Gyamfi, P., Opoku, S., Yeboah, J., Akpertey, A., Opoku-Ameyaw, K., Assuah, M., Gyedu-Akoto, E. and Danquah, W. (2014). Evaluation of Potential Cashew Clones for Utilization in Ghana. Advances in Biological Chemistry. 4:232–239. doi: 10.4236/abc.2014.44028.
  • Padi, F.K., Adu-Gyamfi, P., Akpertey, A., Arthur, A., Ofori, A. (2013). Differential response of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) families to field establishment stress. Plant Breeding. 132:229–236. doi: 10.1111/pbr.12039
  • Adu-Gyamfi P.K.K, Akpertey A., Lowor S.T. (2012). In vitro screening of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) families for drought tolerance using cell culture Presented at 17th International Cocoa Research Conference, held at Yaounde Cameroon.
  • Anim-Kwapong E., J.G. Anim-Kwapong, B. Adomako, and A. Akpertey. (2010). Predicting the performance of introduced Coffea canephora germplasm under recurrent selection. Pages 793-801. Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC), CH-1030 Bussigny, Switzerland. In: International Conference on Coffee Science -cd-rom edition-; 126 International conference on coffee science; 23rd International conference on coffee science, 3 – 8 October, Bali Indonesia