Dr. Atta Ofori
Name: Dr. Atta Ofori
Position: Plant Breeding Division-Research Scientist
Qualification: PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics, Georg-August University Geottingen, Germany.

Research Interests:
  • Development of cocoa germplasm to meet present and future demand by farmers for increased yield, disease and pest resistance, and drought tolerance through the exploitation of under utilized cocoa germplasm and wild cocoa species using conventional breeding methods and molecular marker techniques.
Membership of Association:
  • European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCAPIA)
Selected Publications:
  • Atta Ofori, Stephen Y. Opoku, Francis K. Padi and Frank M. Amoah (2012) Variation among a core set of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones for key agronomic traits. In Proceedings 17th International Cocoa Research Conference, Cameroon, 15-20th October, 2012
  • Ofori A, Schierholt A and Becker HC (2011) Biomass yield and heterosis of crosses within and between European winter cultivars of turnip rape (Brassica rapa L.). Journal of Applied Genetics, DOI 10.1007/s13353-011-0067-8
  • Ofori A, Zhao Y and Lu C (2009) Genetic diversity of European and Chinese oilseed Brassica rapa cultivars from different breeding periods. Agricultural Sciences in China, 8(8):931-938
  • Ofori A, Kopisch-Obuch FJ and Becker HC (2008) Effect of crop improvement on genetic diversity in oilseed Brassica rapa (Turnip rape) cultivars, detected by SSR markers. Journal of Applied Genetics, 49(3): 207-12
  • Ofori A and Becker HC (2008) Breeding of Brassica rapa for biogas production: Heterosis and combining ability of biomass yield. BioEnergy Research. 1:98-104