It is charged with the responsibility of recommending research priority areas related to the needs of farmers and to national development goals.

Operational Strategy

- CRIG's strategy is:

  • to identify the problems of cocoa, coffee, kola, cashew and sheanut production through close collaboration with farmers and other relevant organizations.
  • to undertake applied and adaptive research and transfer the technology/information generated to farmers.

The work is essentially of applied nature, and focused on problem solving. All basic research that is carried out is aimed at generating needed information for developing new technologies.

CRIG does not concentrate on agronomic research only. It also undertakes Research and Development (R & D) in the areas of crop utilization i.e., processing, storage and development of by-products from fresh cocoa pod residues, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cashew apple, cashew kernel, shea fruit and butter.

- Social Science perspectives are introduced into the CRIG research programme with the following objectives:

  • To improve the relevance of research to the small scale producers of cocoa, coffee, cashew and kola.
  • To conduct and /or co-ordinate off-station trials of component and packaged technologies.
  • To identify constraints (social and economic) to the adoption of technologies and to find solutions.