Products from Cocoa Pulp Juice (Sweating)
Fresh drink

Pressing beans ripe freshly harvested cocoa pods has produced this refreshing drink from cocoa pulp juice. The juice has been flashed pasteurized and therefore contains all its natural flavours. It is served best when chilled.


This is a products obtained from fresh cocoa juice (sweatings). It is used in confectionery, food and pharmaceutical industries as a setting agent.

Jam /Jelly

Cocoa pulp juice in its natural state contains some amount of sugar and pectin. Jams or jellies of acceptable quality and consistency are produced from the pulp juice.


Cocoa pulp juice (sweatings) contains some fermentable sugars. Cocoa wine is produced from the pulp wine juice when pasteurized and fermented with appropriate wine yeast.


Vinegar has been produced from cocoa pulp juice (sweatings) the pulp juice is pasteurized and fermented with wine yeast to produced cocoa wine. Further fermentation of cocoa wine with appropriate acetic acid bacteria produced vinegar.


Cocoa pulp juice is rich in fermentation sugars. Alcohol is produced from the pulp juice after fermentation and distillation. The alcohol produced is then blended to the acceptable concentration as gin or brandy.