Management and Organizational Structure

CRIG has a Management Committee appointed by the Government of Ghana. This committee provides oversight responsibility and support for CRIG's internal management. The Management Committee has three sub-committees, namely: the Research Policy Sub-committee which advises on research policy development; the Cocoa Research and Extension Technical Sub-committee (CRETEC) which provides a forum for research and extension to discuss farmers' problems; and the Research-Grade Staff Promotions Sub-committee which reviews assessors' reports for the promotion of research scientists and makes recommendations to the CRIG Management Committee.

Organizational Structure

An Executive Director is the head of the Institute. He is assisted by three Deputy Executive Directors in areas of research and finance/administration. There are six scientific divisions: Agronomy, Soil Science, Entomology, Physiology/Biochemistry, Plant Breeding and Plant Pathology; and five supporting divisions: Accounts, General Services, General Administration, Plantation/Station Management and Scientific Information. In addition there are two Units, namely: Social Science and Statistics, New Products Development, and the Commercial Unit. All Divisions/Units are located at the headquarters at Tafo and are headed by well-trained professionals. Research Scientists/Scientific Officers are in charge of the three sub-stations at Bunso, Afosu and Bole and report to the Executive Director through a Deputy Executive Director.

Management Committee

CRIG has a Management Committee which is appointed by the Government and which supports CRIG Management with policy formulation and development. It has appointed a number of sub-committees such as the Research Policy Sub-committee to assist in research policy development, the Cocoa Research and Extension Technical Committee (CRETEC) to provide a forum for both research and extension to discuss farmers problems and a Research-Grade staff Promotion Committee to review assessors' reports for the promotion of Research scientists who apply for promotion. The Management Committee has the following membership:

Deputy Chief Executive (A&QC), COCOBOD Member
Executive Director, CRIG Member
Representative, Crop Research Institute Member
Representative, Public Universities Member
Representative, Ministry of Trade & Industry Member
Director of Research, COCOBOD Member
Executive Director, CSSVD Control Unit Member
Three Farmers' Representatives Member
CRIG Staff Representative Member

The Management Committee of CRIG is currently constituted as follows:

Prof. A.A. Oteng-Yeboah, C/o Botany Dept. UG, Legon Chairman
Dr. Yaw Adu-Ampomah, Deputy Chief Executive (A&QC), Ghana Cocoa Board, Accra Member
Dr. F. M. Amoah, Executive Director, CRIG, Tafo Member
Dr. Hans Adu-Dapaah, Director, Crops Research Institute, CSIR, Fumesua, Kumasi Member
Prof. L. Enu-Kwesi, C/o Botany Dept, UG, Legon, Accra Member
Rev. K. Abaka-Ewusi, Executive Director, CSSVD-CU, Accra Member
Mr. Abraham Adusei, Gen. Supt., Saviour Church of Ghana, Osiem Member
Mr. Tei Quartey, Ag. Director (Research, Monitoring and Evaluation), COCOBOD, Accra Member
Mrs. Monica Asare Ag. Director (Policy Planning), Ministry of Trade and Industry, Accra Member
Mr. Joseph Naatu, Representative, Ghana Cocoa, Coffee, Sheanut Farmers Association. Member
Mr. George Ohene Nkansah, Staff Representative, CRIG, Tafo Member