To undertake research aimed at developing:

  • methods and strategies for preserving and improving the Kola tree and promoting its cultivation as a plantation crop.
  • appropriate technological packages which offer solutions to problems with regards to the establishment, management, harvesting and processing of Kola nut thereby providing scientific support for the Kola industry

Priority research areas

  • Development of efficient methods of propagation which will ensure the rapid multiplication of desirable tree stocks to obtain elite planting materials for use by farmers and for conservation of germplasm.
  • Development of practices that will enhance the growth of the kola plant thereby making its cultivation as a plantation crop attractive to farmers.
  • Germplasm conservation, breeding and selection aimed at producing commercially desirable cultivars that will establish early and are high yielding in terms of nut production
  • Identification of pests and diseases of the kola tree and development of measures for controlling them
List of projects
  • Vegetative propagation of kola
  • Kola germplasm collection, conservation, characterization, evaluation and utilization
  • Kola progeny trial
  • Kola clonal trial
  • Re-assessment of the pest status of the kola fruit fly, ceratitis colae in Ghana
  • Effect of food crop intercropping on growth and yield of Kola (Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl.)
Disciplines involved:
Dr. G. J. Anim Kwapong Agronomy
Mr. A. Afrifa Soil Science
Mr. A M Dadzie Plant Breeding
Mr. Abraham Akpertey Plant Breeding
Mr. J.E Safo Entomology
Mr. M. Assuah Plant Pathology
Ms W. Kumi Physio/Biochem
Mr. V. Achirina Agric Economics
Mr. F. Owusu Ansah Statistics