List of projects
  • Mapping cocoa productivity in Ghana
  • A survey of living standards in cocoa farming communities in Ghana
  • The agronomic efficacy of Super Master and Fruit Master on mature cocoa
  • A comparative study on the agronomic efficacy of some inorganic fertilizers on mature cocoa
  • Misletoe-host interaction and its management on cocoa
  • Pilot studies for developing effective and sustainable credit models for cocoa communities in Ghana
  • Socio-economic impact of Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP) on Mabang community and its environs
  • Analysis of the role of the caretaker in sustaining cocoa production in Ghana
  • Socio-economic study of the use of sachet water bag for nursing cocoa in Ghana
  • Land tenure systems and their effects on cocoa production in Ghana