Mission and vision of the thrust
  • To develop scientific strategies and interventions for managing the cocoa swollen shoot virus (CSSV) disease and other viral diseases of CRIG mandated crops that may emerge in the future.
  • This involves exploiting and/or building on existing epidemiological, biological, biochemical and molecular knowledge of CSSV and the exploration of other new ideas in virology for the achievement of the above stated goal.
  • A key component is to build the capacity of researchers in the thrust so that they can competently partner other researchers in well endowed laboratories to undertake cutting edge research in CSSV and other relevant viruses.
Thematic areas of research
  • In keeping with the thrust's mission, the following thematic areas of research are currently being pursued:
  • Mild strain cross-protection
  • Integrated management methodologies
  • Vector control - biological
Breeding for resistance
  • Screening of new genotypes for resistance to CSSV
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Characterisation of CSSV isolates
  • Development of diagnostic tools for early detection of isolates
  • Development of molecular biology tools to explore the origin of CSSV/ Use the data generated in CSSV-resistance breeding programmes
Members of the thrust
H. Dzahini-Obiatey Virologist, Leader
G.A. Ameyaw Virologist
O. Domfeh Virologist
J.F. Takramah Biochemist
S.T. Lowor Biochemist
M.K. Assuah Mycologist
R. Adu-Acheampomg Entomologist
F. Padi Plant Breeder
A. Ofori Plant Breeder
S. Opoku Plant Breeder