• To provide genetically improved cocoa planting materials for farmers
Traits considered
  • Early bearing
  • High yield
    • - No. of pods per tree
    • - No. of beans per pod
    • - Bean weight
  • Resistance to diseases
    • - Black pod
    • - CSSVD
  • Resistance to pests (mainly mirids)
  • Ability to establish easily
  • Small and compact tree architecture
Activities carried out to meet objectives
  • Germplasm collection, conservation, evaluation and characterization
    • - to create the necessary variations needed for the development of genetically improved materials
  • Laboratory/gauzehouse and field evaluation of germplasm in terms of yield and resistance to diseases and pests
  • Evaluation of low vigour rootstock for the development of small and compact clones suitable for high density planting
  • Drought tolerance and shade intensity studies
  • Development of molecular markers for germplasm identification and as tags for key agronomic traits
List of projects
  • Evaluation of cocoa clones for yield, black pod and CSSVD resistance
  • Developing high yielding, disease resistant and drought tolerant cocoa hybrids
  • Regional cocoa germplasm exploration trial: estimating the breeding value of clones from under-utilised populations
Members of the thrust
Francis Padi Breeder
Stephen Opoku Breeder
Paul Adu-Gyamfi Breeder
Atta Ofori Breeder
Abu Dadzie Breeder
Kofi Acheampong Physiologist
Alfred Arthur Soil Scientist
F. Owusu-Ansah Biometrician
J.F. Takrama Biochemist
S.T. Lowor Biochemist
M.K. Assuah Mycologist
G.A. Ameyaw Virologist