The cocoa establishment thrust, in line with CRIG's mission and vision, aims to develop appropriate technological packages that address farmers' problems with respect to the establishment and management of juvenile cocoa.

Five projects dealing with issues of:

  • Land preparation and soil fertility management
  • Temporary and permanent shade management
  • Juvenile cocoa and chemical weed control
  • Cocoa varietal response to planting density and
  • Intercropping systems management are currently underway.
List of projects
  • Evaluation of a diversified cocoa /fruit tree system
  • Effects of land clearing methods and intercrops on soil fertility, growth and yield of cocoa.
  • Agronomic evaluation of seedlings and clones of selected cocoa progenies
  • Physiological and morphological response of young cocoa to glyphosate drift.
  • Inter-planting Cocoa and Oil Palm in Low-Lying Areas
Members of the thrust
G. J. Anim-Kwapong Agronomist
S. Konlan Agronomist
P. Adu-Yeboah (Ms) Agronomist
F. K. Padi Breeder
M. K. Assuah Mycologist
A. A. Afrifa Soil Scientist
R. Adu-Acheampong Entomologist
F. Owusu Ansah Biometrician
G. A. Ameyaw Virologist
F. Aneani Agric. Economist