Products from Cocoa Beans
Moisturizing Cocoa Butter Soap

The butter from discarded beans (salty, germinated, diseases and small, size beans has been systematically researched into and formulated with other vegetable oils to produce cocoa butter based soap of acceptable quality.

Body Pomade

This product has been carefully formulated with butter that has been extracted from roasted cocoa beans.

Lotion and cream

Cocoa butter extract from discarded cocoa beans, has been used to formulated lotions and creams as a way of maximizing the usage of the discarded beans.

Cocoa Liquor

The institute has embarked on the utilization of roasted and defatted cocoa powder for the production of wine labeled Cocoa liquor. This wine which is noted for its tremendous antioxidant properties is meant to increase the alternatives for usage of cocoa powder.


The defatted cocoa powder in conjunction with cereals (maize and rice) is also used for preparation of pastries like biscuits and cakes.