The Agronomy Division is responsible for developing appropriate and cost-effective technologies which address farmers’ problems with respect to the early establishment and efficient management of young and mature cocoa, coffee, kola, shea and cashew plantations in order to realize the full economic potential of these crops. The Division also undertakes cartographic works and collects and manages all meteorological data for the Institute including its three substations at Bunso, Afosu and Bole.

Broad areas of investigation in the Division include plant propagation, determination of optimum plant density and spatial arrangement, suitable shade tree selection and density. Others are weed management, agro-forestry including inter-cropping with food and other crops, pruning and soil water management.

Current research activities include:

  • Agronomic evaluation of cocoa clones and seedlings
  • Cocoa / food crop intercropping
  • Cocoa / oil palm intercropping studies
  • Cocoa / coconut intercropping
  • Cocoa / Variety / Spacing / Location trial
  • Cocoa-Cedrela odorata intercropping
  • Cocoa thinning studies
  • Cocoa / fruit trees diversification studies
  • Cocoa growth and yield response to mulch application
  • Shade trees for the management of the cocoa agro-ecosystem
  • Evaluation of new herbicides
  • Coffee / Cedrela odorata intercropping
  • Coffee / fruit crops intercropping
  • Coffee pruning / spacing/stem number trial
  • Clone / shade intensity trials in coffee
  • Coffee / cover crops (legumes) intercropping
  • Coffee growth and yield response to mulch application
  • Intercropping in mature coffee
  • Cashew spacing trial
  • Cashew intercropping during establishment
  • Cashew propagation studies
  • Cashew growth and yield response to nursery bag size
  • Cashew growth and yield response to seedling age at transplanting
  • Shea tree growth and yield response to bush burning
  • Shea seed viability studies
  • Growth enhancement studies in shea seedlings
  • Shea tree improvement project
  • Shea agro-silvipastorial projects
  • Food crops intercropping during kola establishment
  • Kola propagation studies
  • Kola clone-spacing trial
  • Collaboration

The Division collaborates with all the other scientific divisions at CRIG through the thrust system, other research institutions, universities and donor organizations.