Among the most notable achievements of the Institute may be mentioned:

  • Control of mirids by mass spraying with insecticides (Mid 1950s)
  • Characterization of cocoa swollen shoot disease as caused by a virus, discovery of mealy bugs as vectors of the virus and control of the disease by eradication (Early to mid 1940s/Current)
  • Isolation and characterization of CSSV and development of diagnostic methods (Current)
  • Introduction and testing of Amazon cocoa (1954)
  • Development of early bearing and high yielding WACRI series II hybrids by crosses between Amelonado and Amazon cocoa (1964)
  • Development of inter Amazon hybrids (1985/Current)
  • Understanding of the relationship between cocoa shade, nutrition and yield (1959 - 1963/ Current)
  • Isolation and characterization of CSSV and development of diagnostic methods (Current)
  • Identification of fast growing, exotic and indigenous shade trees for cocoa (Current)
  • Development of numerous agronomic packages guaranteeing yields of over three tonnes/ha. (1959 - 1975/Current)
  • Mass hand pollination of clonal seed gardens for large scale production of seed pods (Early 1970s)
  • Understanding of cocoa fermentation and flavour chemistry (Late 1950s/Current)
  • Short term control of a severe type of Black pod disease (Phytophthora megakarya) (Current)
  • Production of pectin, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, animal feed, jelly, soap and cosmetics as by-products from cocoa wastes (Current)
  • Overcoming the problem of cross-and self-incompatibility in kola (Cola nitida); selection and multiplication of types which are cross-and or self-compatible, thus guaranteeing high yielding planting material. (Current)
  • Development and release of elite Robusta coffee planting materials for establishment of national Coffee Wood Gardens (Current)
  • Development of agronomic packages that guaranty high yields and good quality cashew nuts. (Current)

The Institute has won several awards for research achievements both at local level and at International Fairs.